Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Beautiful Lot for our Cottage

Front of Lot

Corner view of lot

I was hoping to build my cottage on a lake, however with both hubby and I working in town, we chose to build in a lovely subdivision.

As of today, my new house is a partially wooded lot.  Hopefully, June 9, the lot is cleared.  As you can see, the lot is very large.  Since most of the rooms are on the first floor, this house will need a very big lot.  The only rooms on the second floor is my husband's sports room.  It will be a combined media room and game room.  I hope we get to keep at least one tree.  The builder will leave any good trees that are at least 5 feet from the slab.  We think there is one tree that qualifies.  All pines are to go.  There is too much clean up with pine trees.  Pine needles, pine cones, pine sap....Ugh!!!

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