Thursday, June 30, 2011

Framing has begun on our cottage

Our cottage is coming right along.  Framing was started this week.

I stitched several pics together.  I wanted to get a feel for how the house sits on the lot.  We are hoping to put a small pool in the back.  I am really excited about the waterfall at the pool.  I told DH that we could only have palm trees if we had a pool.  I just don't think they belong in the front of a cottage....Probably not the back either, but it is supposed to look very tropical in the back, so that's ok.
Look at the large front porch.  This porch will really make this house to be my cottage.
This is the front of the house.  The front porch is the length of the front of the house.  The elevation of this house is one of the prettiest country style homes I have ever seen.

I want to remind that that David Weekley Homes is building our home.  They provide you with your own website which has all of the selections to make your wish list.  Our builder posts pictures of the stages of our home.  Every stage of our home is inspected.

In fact, the slab could not be poured last week until the inspector approved the slab form, gas lines, plumbing lines and the Pier and Beam design of our slab.  As I have said before, there is a ton of work to do to prior to the actual concrete poured for the slab.  The prep work passed and our slab was poured last week and then framing began this week.

One last thing, as a David Weekley client, I get a phone call each Friday from our Sales Consultant and our Builder.  They are on a speaker phone so we are all on the same page with any part of the conversation.  Also, special conference calls will be made prior to doing work that I might have a question about.  Such as, my first special conference call will be before the sheet rock is installed.

David Weekley Builders goes out of their way to let you know what is going on with your house.  No, I am not a spokesperson for's just that I have built 2 houses before this and did not have this type of involvement and inspections for every phase of the home building process.


  1. Please post some pictures from today's inspection. And this is not a cottage silly girl. This is going to be a huge house.

    Can't wait to come visit you when you get it finished.

    Love ya,

    Vicky Jo

  2. It's huge, huh!! Our house that we built 4 years ago is 4,000 square feet. I wanted something a lot smaller and one story...well, Larry's media room and game room is upstairs, but that is all. With bad knees and a bad hip, I have a really difficult time with stairs.

    Love you, too.


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