Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cottage Kitchen Selections

My new kitchen is going to be wonderful.  The Sabrina (Plan name) has a smaller kitchen than what I am used to, however that was a big plus.  I could put most of the things I had wanted in my kitchen without going too much over budget.

Each time I thought about my kitchen, I remember a line from "Sleepless in Seattle."  Tom Hanks is an architect, Sam Baldwin.  He is standing with Jay, the builder and Claire, the client building the home:

"So, Claire, is there a problem?" 

"I was tossing and turning last night.  I realized I'm never going to fit my platters in the refrigerator we ordered.  When I give parties, I always put in platters.   So I thought I would get the Sub-Zero refrigerator instead. The only problem..."

"We have to redo all the cabinets.  We'll be into this wall. - That's a bearing wall.  That's a delay, Claire, of..."

"Two, three... - Five, six...Twelve weeks."  

"I don't mind.  The important thing is to get it right."

"Absolutely. - Your words."

"I've got to rush. La décorateur calls.  Bye!" 


That is my favorite line, "The important thing is to get it right."  I don't know that everyone thought that way when I went to my 3rd Design Meeting.  However, everyone was very sweet about it.  Larry stood back and let the designer and I design a perfect kitchen!!!

Here are my selections for the kitchen:
Medallian - Visby {15" Round}
Style: VISBY ROSONE 36 -15" round-(blue glass and blue pearl granite)
Deco Tile @ Kitchen Backsplash
Color: HT-2139F2 (2"X 4") MAPEI


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