Saturday, September 10, 2011

All done except for touchups - Update on my Cottage

As you can see from my blog's header, the landscape is in.  Closing is only 10 days away now.

Only touch-up and a few minor things need to be done.

Here we go:

The landscaping is in.  I finally have a magnolia tree...on the left.  We still get two oak trees.

The front door hardware is just beautiful.

The front door is so pretty.  I have had several comments already from neighbors and even our builder thought it was so pretty.
Carpet is in all over the house.  Everywhere you see carpet, hardwood flooring will be installed!!

The is a major chip right here at the column...between the carpet and the tile.  Also, the floor was not floated, so the foyer tile is not even.  I wish we had paid extra for floating and I was warned about this.

I am very upset about the tile work done on the little wall here.  Also, the tile around the tub.  Last, I didn't even think about a top border for the tile.  It looks unfinished.  That will change as soon as possible.