Friday, September 9, 2011

Mirrors, Plumbing Fixtures and Fence - Updates on my Cottage

Again, I have been so slow about updating everyone on my cottage. 

We now have a walk-thru on September 19 and closing 

September 21.  Less than 2 weeks!!!

Here we go:
The plumbing fixtures are in for DW shower.  

We want a very large shower head and will be replacing this one after we close.

 The plumbing fixtures are in for the master vanity.

This is just beautiful, HOWEVER the lights are not centered over the mirrors, faucets and sinks.  I will have to let our builder know they need to be moved for the 3rd time :(

A picture of a toilet....well it's not just any is MY new toilet in my beautiful bathroom.  We raised all of the toilets by 3 inches.

Sorry...another picture of the vanity.  It is difficult not to look at it.

A close up of the faucet.  Just think how pretty all of this will be when it is clean!!

I really love the sinks.  I think the white makes a good contrast.  My decorating will have to tie all of this together.  A challenge I am so ready for, however will I be able to pull it off?  My son tells me I should be able to decorate anything after looking at millions of pictures in the last 4 months :)

Another view of my vanity.  The sides of the linen cabinets are not finished as you can see.  The sides of the drawers stick out like a sore thumb!!!

Next, we come to the powder room.  I never show the 2nd bathroom because there isn't a window in there.  It is actually the only room in the house without any daylight coming in.

Wow, I am not so certain about the dark walls with the dark swirly sand floors.  Then, again, in the next picture, it's just beautiful.

I love the old fashion pedestal sink with the faucet and the 8 inch baseboards.  The mirror will be replaced one day, however I am going to enjoy it for now!!

All of our selections are really working together.
The family room is next.
The gas logs are in.  Shelves are painted.

I am not certain about the logs I had installed.  There is a glass door there and there aren't any of the little coal things under the "logs" like my gas logs have now.  I will ask the builder about this. 
The kitchen faucet is in.  Really pretty!!

Really pretty and really dirty. 

Not the best picture, but I love looking at all of the selections together and finally in our home.

You can get a sense of the entire kitchen here.  The yellow cord is the gas line for the cook top.
The fence is in.  Hopefully, the HOA will allow us to stain the fence like we always have at our other homes.

The area to the left is where I would like a white wicker sitting area...complete with sofa, two chairs and table. 

Small problem here.  See the yellow gas line flag?  That is where the pool will be.  The entire gas line will have to be moved .

Hopefully, we can add something to cut the view of the area behind the garage.  This is NOT a pretty site.

One last look at the area where my wicker furniture will go.  It does get sun in the afternoon, but not too bad.  The ceiling fans will help a lot on the back porch!!!

We will be making a trip over to our cottage tomorrow, I hope, and I will have more pictures.  We are down to the wire now!!!

Good Weekend to all!!!


  1. Everything is looking fantastic! Love the bathroom and kitchen selections..great job! How exciting that you are closing and moving so soon, then the fun really begins!

  2. @The enchanted home

    Thank you so much!! I want to make this small house a work of art. I may not pull it off without a decorator. I want my children and grandchildren (one day) to love coming over. Warm, cozy, inviting.

    I will be heading over to your blog after work!!! Hugs, Jan

  3. Wowee, missus! You're doing a FANTASTIC JOB!!It's looking completely awesome.

    I love the wall colours you've chosen. And all the little touches that make it look so beautiful.

    I signed up to follow you in a flash!


  4. Lookin' GOOD!
    Enjoying your pics.
    May you have a great week-end and God bless,


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