Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am in love with my kitchen and master bath - Cottage Update

I received an email from my wonderful sales person with David Weekley yesterday.  

She told me that the Blue Pearl Granite counter tops were in.  

I could not wait for lunch time to get here today to go to my cottage and see them.

My kitchen looks like it came out of a magazine.  

The master bath is awesome.  

I called my builder and asked him could a person really fall in love with a kitchen.  

He laughed.  

Then, I started silly...and I thanked him for the extra care he has given to my home. 

Wait until you see what I saw:

It's so pretty!!

The cook top will go under the mosaic, of course.

The blue pearl granite only shows hints of blue in bright light.

I am really happy about the under mounted stainless steel sink.

Very everything is, but so beautiful!!
The bookcases now have the granite counter tops and the wood sides for the shelves.

The rubbed oil bronze shower is in the master bath.

The same blue pearl granite vanity top.

Under mounted white it!!!

That's it.  

Our closing has been changed to September 26, so there were be many more changes in the next few weeks.  

Stay tuned!!


  1. Ah, the fun part has begun!!! You have done an amazing job with these selections, I am loving these updates. Enjoy!!

  2. @Jill

    I was really hoping it would all flow and it is. Thank you so much :)

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  4. No wonder you are in looks GORGEOUS!! Wow love the color and the mosaic, just fabulous!! Enjoy the fun is just happy to be back in blogland!

  5. OMG when can I move in?! Just kidding, but I want this house one day!

  6. Really like your sink and the surrounding area.
    Fun for me to see the progress and happy for you.


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