Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cottage update 08-06-11 - Part 2

I didn't intend to leave anyone waiting for part 2.  I had trouble editing 2 pictures in one post, so I thought I would make 2 posts out of it.  Time got away from me.

So, without further adieu, here are more pics I took Saturday:

The door trim is plain, which I love.  To me, it looks like what you would find in a little cottage in the country!

I am crazy about the 8 inch baseboards.  When I was told that was standard in these cottage homes, I was ecstatic. 

My stairs will be pretty, however I want wood, of course.  I finally got them in house #2, however we decided to move soon after.  I never really got to enjoy them.  I am afraid I might not win the argument this time.  It took 21 years to get them in House 2 :(

A wonderful view from the open family room to the foyer.  Also, you can see the formal dining room window though the opening.  I wanted to close this room off for my office because I do not care for rooms that are rarely used.  Perhaps we will use the formal dining room this time.
Another view from the family room to the front door, part of the dining room and part of the kitchen.  The open living/kitchen/breakfast area has been a wish of mine for a very long time.  I do love it!!

Still in the living/family room, you see part of the fireplace, one of the arched bookcases, the arched doorway to the little hall way where the powder room is on the right and the master bedroom in on the left...then you see the coat closet, the stairway and some of DH office.  Everything is so compact.  Going from a 4,000 square foot home that I never liked and never decorated to a 2,700 square foot home is a very cozy and warm feeling.  I didn't like the house I live in now from day one and still don't.  I intend to tell the story at a later time.  I have many stories to tell.

Here, I have slowly turned and you are seeing a part of the kitchen in this view.  I guess I just love taking pictures of my new house and looking at them.  I only get to see it on the weekend because it is a gated community.  The gates are locked by the time I could be there after work.
Ok, I have turned again, and you see 2 sides of my 3 sided counter and you can see the breakfast area.  I can almost see the beautiful hardwood floors, blue/gray walls and white cabinets.  I DID tell you I convinced DH that he could pick out the hardwood floors if I could have them in the kitchen.  Wow, that was quite the achievement!!

Now you can see the full front of the living room.  One day, the arched bookcases will have beautiful trim.  I can probably do these myself with flexible trim.  I am very disappointed in the fireplace mantel and surround trim, however it will be changed out when I do the bookcases. 
Here we have the 3 sided wall for the counter and sink island.  I hope one day to make this much more elaborate with a very country type sink island with turned legs.  I might do the island in blue or stained.  I will be added trim to it in the meantime to jazz it up a little.

This is the breakfast area.  That little whole in the wall is supposed to be the doggy door.  The trim carpenter didn't trim around the door...he just carried the baseboard on across.  I crack up every time I look at it.  I guess my little Anna Belle is suppose to hop over the baseboard.  Anyway, I must talk to our builder about that.  DH and I purchased a bad doggy door in the first place....We now have another we hope the builder will install.  If not, my sons can do it.

We get crown molding in our master bedroom.  We will add it all over the house.  I certainly can use a miter box saw.  Most all of the rooms in the house I live in now have coffered ceilings.  That is truly one thing I will miss.  We are having straight edges on our sheetrock in the new house.  We have curved edges in our current house and I do NOT like the look AT ALL!!!

The master closet...it is very small.  I am not worried though.  The beauty of having a guest bedroom on the first floor is having the closet for me!!  I have 3 guest bedrooms upstairs for my extra clothing, however it takes me a while to get up and down the stairs...bad knees....bad hip

 So, that about does it.  I hope to have more pictures this weekend.  Tomorrow is hump day...Thank goodness!!!

Have a good week, everyone!!!


  1. Beautiful!! So glad you are getting all the beautiful details you have been wanting..all good things come to those who wait, right!
    Beautiful..thanks so much for stopping by today and so glad I found you too! I look forward to seeing more!

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    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments AND for becoming a follower!! I totally love your avatar. Blue and white :)


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