Monday, August 29, 2011

Cottage Update 08-28-08

A very hot day in Texas again...107, but we made it over to the cottage to have a look around.

You can see the board and batten ceiling on our back porch.  

I want to paint this blue.  

Concrete has been poured from the back porch to the garage.  

It is a ramp type instead of steps, which I am very happy about.  You see the four posts?  These will be cut down to 4 feet and the cedar fence and gate installed here.  

When we have the pool and waterfall put in, we will put an iron fence and gate between the house and garage.  

I wish we could have an iron gate all of the way around, however we are not on a lake view lot, therefore we must have the cedar fence.  We always stain our cedar fences.  I do not like the weathered gray cedar fence.

 The doggy dog was installed the last time, however I am not certain if I said anything about it.  The first door looked awful.  It was tiny with only one flap.  This door is great.  It is made for installing in a wall.  It will get in the way of my drapes, so I will have to adjust for that.  It's much better than getting up and down to let AnnaBelle in and out :)

 Ceiling fans installed in family room and master bedroom.  I love them.  They are rubbed oil bronze and simple.  We will have ceiling fans installed in all bedrooms and offices, plus the back porch and front porch.  I am very excited about choosing those.  While I love the chandelier look, ceiling fans are just more practical for us. 
 The top of the mantel in the family room was trimmed out.  One day, I will have a mantel with corbels and really pretty.  However, for a simple one, this is pretty.
The cabinet installed corrected the glass cabinets height.  My little kitchen is really coming along.  
I tried to get a really good picture of my kitchen and pantry.  

Just imagine the wood flooring here!!  
It will all come together, hopefully by the end of October.  
That is 2 months away.  
Can I wait that long??  Oh, sure, patience is one of my vertues, don't you know?
I cannot stop looking at it.  I just think it is so darn cute.  And,
as a reminder, below are the selections of my kitchen with the beautiful mosaic that will go below the valance:
Blue pearl granite counter tops and cream/white/beige deco tile as the back splash.

Utility Room.  
 I rotated this one in PSP, however my blog wants to continue showing sideways.  Then, I rotated in the blog software and the picture gets really fat :(
The Master Bath light fixtures have been fixed.  Looking really good!!
The media side of the upstairs bonus room.
The pool table side of the bonus room...the media side is to the right.  I know DH has some wonderful ideas and will made this large sports room as beautiful as the media and sports rooms we have now!!
Front porch board and batten.  Again, I hope DH will let me paint this blue.  The white is beautiful, but blue would be so pretty!!

That is all of the updates for today.  

We learned that the closing has been pushed back to September 26 from September 15. 

After the close, we still have to get the painters in there and the wood flooring done before moving in.  

My son and DIL need in our house by October 15.  It will be a crazy 6 weeks, for sure!!!

Have a great week, everyone!!!


  1. Your new place is coming right along. Great fun for me to see the house advance and come together.

    So glad you're sharing and can't wait to see this beautiful place finished!

  2. My sales person called me at work today and said the granite is in. I can hardly wait to see it!!

  3. Looking good! I really look forward to your next update with the countertops!

  4. @Jill

    I am going over there at lunch. I am so excited about it!!

  5. Me and Mom just saw the new pictures of the house. She said "Now remember when you get it finished that she'd coming to spend the night with you."

    Love ya,

    Vicky Jo

  6. You have SO much going on but you sound so positive. Enjoy the process, you will have stories to tell!


  7. Wow you are getting lots done, I keep going back to your wonderful porch!! It must be so exciting!

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    Art by Karena

  8. Vicky Jo: I would love for you guys to come see us!!

    Janie and Karena: Thank you so much!! That porch just melts me!!

  9. Looking beautiful. Those counters and backsplash with the pure white cabinets are gonna be gorgeous.

  10. I have a feeling DH will do just about anything DW wants. Just a feeling.


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