My Story

Larry and I have had 4 houses, one townhouse and several apartments in our 30 years of marriage.  

Cottage #1

...was a tract house that we gutted and turned into a charming cottage.  I miss that house very much.  We lived there for 20 years.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood was going downhill quickly.  So, we built the Traditional House.

Traditional House

...a beautiful, traditional, red brick home that many women would love to have.  Later, I will share my reasons of wanting my cottage back.

Cottage #2

In April, 2011, I asked Larry to give up the beautiful traditional house and build another cottage.  This would be our final home.  I decided to start a blog of the building and decorating of our new Cottage with many of life happenings thrown in.

I hope you enjoy the journey....



  1. Finally checked out your blog. Super exciting! Your house is really starting to look like....well...a house (or cottage!)Hope you are enjoying every minute of it. Looks like it will be a great home!

  2. Wow Jan, that is looking so wonderful. I know you will be glad when that moving day arrives. Love Mom

  3. Hi Jan. I'm enjoying seeing your present cottage come together. This is an exciting place to be!
    God bless,

  4. Can you tell me where you got the beautiful kitchen mosaic from?


I love to get comments on my blog. It proves I am not talking to myself LOL