Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas of 2011 - Better Late than Never!

Larry began getting the flu Monday before Christmas and I followed suit 3 days later.  This was the first Christmas in my 56 years that I have not been with my mom on Christmas Day.

Of course, it all worked out in the end, however on Christmas day, I was watching "The Christmas Story" a dozen times and missing Mother and crying a lot.

Susan, my sister, was hosting Christmas Day at her home.  She is 4 months pregnant and we could not risk anyone being near me with my fever.  Larry and I were feeling too bad to enjoy the day, anyway.

I love Christmas.  I love everything about it.  The shopping, the decorating, cooking, wrapping presents and being with my family.  I have a large collection of Christmas movies.  I love the spirit of Christmas.  Everyone seems so different at Christmas.  Celebrating the birth of our Lord and keeping him in our hearts seems to be renewed.

I go a little nuts at Christmas with decorating.  Before I got sick, I was able to get a lot of new decorations...all on sale.  It is so rare that I pay 100% for anything.  I realize some prices are marked up, but I feel good knowing I did NOT pay the regular sticker price.

The first thing I HAD to have this year was purchased in Austin, Texas when Larry and I went to a friends wedding there.  We stayed at the Barton Creek Country Club and Resort.  After brunch, we saw a lovely shop filled with Christmas goodies.

Sugarplums and sweetness dancing in my head. 

We could have purchased the entire tree for just a few thousand dollars....or NOT!!! 

Did I forget I wanted to do a silver, white and blue Christmas this year?   I must have because 3 of these precious nutcrackers came home with me!!!

Then came one of many Hobby Lobby trips. 
When I saw this angel, I had to have her and she was 50% off.
I wanted to take a few days off from work before Christmas to complete my decorating, shopping and wrapping.  I still had 5 days of vacation left.  However, we had a major project going on and I couldn't.

My living room furniture finally arrived on the Tuesday before Christmas.  The new carpet for the stairs and the media room came in and was installed before Christmas, as well.  My furniture was the best Christmas present I could have received after waiting 13 weeks for it!!!
Chair from Restoration Hardware....The feather seats go flat after awhile.  I am thinking of filling with upholstery foam.

We purchased 2 navy blue recliners.  I am going to have brads added to the arms and side backs, if possible.

My beautiful sofa...I never thought I would see this in my home!!!

I did take that Friday off.  I shopped Friday morning and by early afternoon, the flu was full blown.  I was so sick and came on home.

It was cold and raining outside Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I would take a wonderful hot bath, feel better for a few minutes, then back to bed.  I changed from flannel pj's to a summer gown and still could not get comfortable.  I would wrap a present and go back to bed.

My Christmas tree never was finished and the top shelves of my family room bookcases were bare.  I just didn't have the strength to complete them.  My gifts started going into gift bags instead of my lovely hot-glue decorated packages.

My daughter and son were at their respectful in-laws Dallas and Austin.  So, we planned to have Christmas with them Monday night.

I made a lot of pictures of my decorations, then fever came again and I was down.
This picture was made after Christmas.  The beautiful candle holders on the top left shelf were from my daughter.
Angel Centerpiece on my coffee table:

Deer Centerpiece on sofa table:

Santa display in bookcase:

Pine cones and Cardinals in bookcase:

I only made a few pictures of family.   

My beautiful Mother.  I finally got to be with her and celebrate Christmas 6 days later! wonderful husband.

We unwrapped presents in our usual way...going around the person at a gift at a time.  I hung in there, but it was difficult.

Tuesday morning came and there was no way I could go to work.  I was miserable.  I went to work the rest of the week, and for a bookkeeper, the last week was the most important.

On Saturday night, we had my mom and sister, and her family, and my children over.  It was a lot of fun having another Christmas on New Year's Eve...strange, but fun.

Wishing everyone good health in 2012.



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