Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking back to Karen's Last Christmas with us, 2007

I took a picture of a picture in Old Town Spring.  How I wish I had purchased this.  Artist unknown

The last Christmas Karen was with us, the Collins girls took a shopping trip to Old Town Spring.  We planned this every year, however something always came up.  We decided that day, this trip would be an annual thing.  Little did we know that Karen would spend all future Christmas with The Lord. This is actually a wonderful thing for Karen, although not so much for those she left behind.

This is a happy post, however.

Karen love beads around everything...candles, chandeliers, pillows, drapes, name it!!  She went to a particular shop in OTS (Old Town Spring) for a lot of her beads.

I took a lot of pictures in this store...until the owner told me to stop.

Karen was so excited that the Collins girls could finally see where she purchased her beads.  I fell in loved with this store, as well.

Why I didn't take more pictures of other stores and the beautiful streets of OTS and the Collins Girls, I will never know.

However, the one picture I took of us, I will cherish forever.

The Collins Girls:  Karen, Susan, me (Jan) and Mom
 What a wonderful day that was.  I thank God that he gave us this one trip to Old Town Spring.

Have an awesome day, stay dry and warm.




  1. Howdy Jan!
    What a neat time you had in old town spring with your sweet family! May God comfort you all those times you miss your dear sister. You have a nice photo of the Collins Girls! Sweet picture of you all.

    When we lived in Spring, I'd go to old town spring when i was homesick for small town living. OTS wasn't as large as it is now. After we relocated back to Kansas OTS continued to grow with houses being moved in for shops. I loved it there and have sweet memories of this place.

    We lived in Bridgestone and it was between Old Town Spring and Tomball. I had my choice between these two communities. That made living in the area I lived in more fun. I know that it was the people that i knew that made me a happier camper while living in Texas!

    A few years ago we came back for a funeral and drove through OTS and I couldn't believe how it had grown. We stayed in Tomball and my eyes bugged out how the area had grown. The Church we use to go to use to be in the country, but there was now a Walmarts by it!

    May you have a sweet Christmas and God bless you,

  2. Jan, I forgot to tell you that I love your blog header. So nice!

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