Thursday, December 1, 2011

Living Room furniture selections

Back in September, 2011, Larry and I compromised on the living room/family room furniture.  I didn't want a formal living room in my cottage.  I don't like rooms I don't use.  I want a family room that everyone can enjoy.

Also, as I have mentioned before, I have AnnaBelle.  She belonged to my beloved sister, Karen.  AnnaBelle is as important in this home as the humans.  She sheds, she cleans her feet on the sofa and gets it wet.  Yuck!!!

Then, there is Larry.  He has recliners in his media room and a recliner in his study.  He loves recliners and has ALWAYS had one in the family room.  I don't want him upstairs in his media room all of the time.  I want him with me!!

So, instead of my dream of a white, slip-covered sofa, we ordered a leather sofa in the style and color I wanted....ok, not the color, however white leather is a little too much for me.

I really didn't get a good picture of the sofa and ottoman, however this should give you an idea.  You can see the swatch in the lower left corner.   

Next came the decision of Larry's recliner.  Since my dream has been a sofa AND 4 chairs in the family room, I decided on TWO recliners!!!  Would this make matters worse?  So, what color should I choose?  

Our last house has this huge brown leather sectional AND love seat AND recliner.  I was really tired of brown.  

In my first cottage, I had navy blue leather.  It was plushy and soft.  I was really able to get a warm, coziness with pillows and throws on navy blue leather.  

So, navy blue it was.

I was so excited on that day in September, that I didn't look at the estimated delivery date....
Between 12 and 16 weeks!!!

I called Town and Country Leather the week before Thanksgiving and begged for my furniture.  I explained that I didn't even see the delivery date on the order I signed until I was in the car.

I was told that I ordered all Natuzzi leather and my furniture was coming either from Italy or China or some other overseas country.

I don't care.  They have had time to raise the cow, make my furniture and get it to me.

Well, it just doesn't work like that :(

I explained that I was hosting Thanksgiving.  That really does NOT get your furniture any quicker.

So, I have learned a valuable lesson before having any special ordered furniture made.
On with the story.........

My style passion is a mix between industrial, shabby chic, cottage and French country.  My colors are white, cream, turquoise and blue.

So, Restoration Hardware was having a sale a week ago.  I have had my eye on something from them for a while.

I ordered two of the Lyon chairs AND an ottoman.  These SHOULD be delivered next week!

There are so many more decisions for the family room...drapes, tables, paint color, etc.

I wanted to wait on the main furniture before doing anything else.

We have beautiful living room table table, 2 end tables and sofa table.  Yet, I just don't know that I will like these with my new furniture.

Until next time......



  1. Hello Jan!
    May you have a sweet Holiday Month. May you have a very Merry Christmas!

    It's raining here today and I'm still so tired from Thanksgiving. Need a boost!!! Coffee please.

    Pretty soon all the furniture will be there and it will seem like a dream that you had to wait.

    It is fun on my side seeing your home interior come together.

    God bless,

  2. Hey, Deanna!!

    I know what you mean. I just want to rest this weekend, but I hope to get the tree up. We were shopping all day yesterday, so today is the day!!

    Hugs, Jan

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