Thursday, November 10, 2011

My office - craft - hobby room November 10, 2011 update

I wanted to give you an update on my office.  

Paint color:  Tropical Tide by Behr

My son, Richard, is doing all of the painting and crown molding and it's looking beautiful.

I didn't get pictures of the first color I chose, however it wasn't bright enough.  I wanted bright and cheerful and very turquoise in my office.

I love the color!!!

The crown molding begins.  There is not one straight wall in this house. 

It is beautiful!!!  Richard is doing a wonderful job on the molding.  This is his first time to work with crown molding,   I remind him that wood putty and caulk work wonders with bad walls and ceilings.

My 6 Home Depot pantries are in.  These are stock cabinets.

 Some doors open to the right...some to the left.  I will re-hang the doors when time permits.    

Finally, I will have plenty of storage for my crafts and office supplies!

These are, also, stock cabinets from Home Depot.  My fur-baby AnnaBelle is always with me when I am home.  You can bet I will be getting her a matching bed for my office.  She deserves chic just as much as I do :)

The top over-hang doesn't allow the top drawers to open.  We will be adding a piece of plywood and molding to this. 

There is much more to come on my office.  This is going to be a fun room...MY room!!!

Have a great day........


  1. Now this is going to be one fabulous office...LOVE the color, what a happy and uplifting color choice Jan. Cant; wait to see the final reveal!

  2. @The enchanted home

    Thank you so much, Tina. It is an uplifting color, isn't it? I am really anxious to get everything in place. This is my fun room!!!

  3. This room is going to be AWESOME!! The color is so cheerful and bright. Love it! And that storage, I'm jealous!

  4. WOW, Jan! I love love love that color! The crown molding is beautiful and all of that storage! Awesome! I cannot wait for the reveal!!! Love your furbaby! I have a shadow when I'm home too. ;)

  5. @The DIY Show Off

    Thank you so much for visiting! There are so many I keep this or donate that...downsizing is tough...but a good thing!!

  6. I love the color that you're using. Your office is going to be just beautiful! How wonderful that your son is helping you.

  7. I love the countertop! I'm thinking LAUNDRY room in my house!!! I pinned your room so I can keep looking back at it! I LOVE it! I'm your newest follower and so happy to keep checking back!!!

    Your newest bloggy friend,
    Aimee from

  8. Thank you both so much, Suzy and Aimee. I have so much to show you!! I hope to post again this weekend. It is absolutely crazy at work this week.


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