Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving in and having hardwood flooring installed at the same time - Part 1

If you can afford to have the flooring you want installed by the builder, do it!!  We couldn't.  The flooring we wanted would have been double the price we paid through Home Depot. 

We closed on September 21 and began bringing some of our things over the following weekend.  Our son & DIL had to be out of their apartment by October 15...that meant his apartment thoroughly empty and thorough clean.  Also, they had a function 100 miles away the weekend of October 15, so they really had to be done by October 12.

I will go into that in another post.

Even though we ordered the measuring and flooring and paid for it all before we closed, the flooring would not be delivered until a 1 1/2 weeks AFTER we closed.  Then, the material has to acclimate to our home for 3 days.  

The install date was now October 3.  With my husband, son, DIL and I all working full time jobs, this was going to be crazy. We had to get our heavy furniture moved by a moving company on October 1.

We didn't want it this way and were told by Home Depot that the install could start September 26, however that was not to be.

So, the wood is delivered September 30 and the movers delivered our heavy furniture October 1.  Here we go:

The sofa is one I am borrowing from my son until ours comes in!!

The wood and pad and trim is everywhere in boxes.  I knew when the wood installers arrived on Monday, October 3, they would NOT be happy.  The original plan was that our house would be empty if the flooring was installed the week of September 26.

I was so excited about the wood, I started making pictures.  I could not believe we were having real hard wood floors and not laminate wood.

 Larry chose a complimenting floor for his office and game room.

However, for the rest of the house, I made the choice of Hickory Chestnut.  It is hand-scraped and distressed.  Some parts of my home look like a 100 year old home that has been upgraded.  That was what I wanted!!

 You can really see the hand-scrapping here.  Absolutely awesome!!
 I could not believe I was having real wood installed....and planks at that.  Laminate wood flooring was so easy to take care of.  However, when you have beveled planks, that is another story.  You do NOT want any liquids getting down in between the blanks, so no more Swifter for these floors.  A good vacuum and a gentle mop with a little of the proper cleaning product....I still have to research the proper cleaning product.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Have an awesome Friday.

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  1. LOVE the wood floors...hand scraped is so beautiful, love the color. I cannot wait to see it all exciting that you are moving!! Congratulations....


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