Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family Room Sofa and two recliners - Part 1

Larry and I are compromising on the family room furniture.  I wanted white, he wanted recliners.

Believe me, I have considered all of the options., white and brown Toy Rat Terrier....sheds. She loves to groom herself on my sofa, which gets the sofa wet.  I refuse to tell her she cannot get on the sofa beside me.

AnnaBelle was my sister's beloved fur baby.

Why show pictures of Karen and Annabelle.  Because I love to look at Karen.  I love to look at pictures of Karen and AnnaBelle together.

 Karen, my sister, died in a tragic car accident 3 years ago.  I took in AnnaBelle.  At the time, I had Tina, my Malti-Poo.  Tina passed away this March of cancer.

Karen is in Heaven taking care of my Tina and I take care of her AnnaBelle.

Therefore, AnnaBelle will NOT be told that she cannot be on the sofa.

As I said, I wanted a white leather sofa...or even cream.  Sarah has leather in her family room, so I thought I could, too.  This is her amazing home tour:  Beach Cottage Tour

Part 2 soon.


  1. I'm without very sorry for the loss of your sister.

    So very sorry,

  2. @Deanna

    Thank you so much, Deanna. I miss her every day. I still cannot believe she is gone. We are going out for my Bday tonight and I was thinking that I still haven't told Karen where we are going and what time. Silly, I know. Hugs, Jan

  3. Dear Jan, I don't think it's silly to talk to your sister even with her in heaven.
    I would think that you will miss her until you see her again.

    May you have a wonderful birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  4. @Deanna

    I really had a good day, minus the crying. Sometimes, I want to think about Karen and cry. Getting things set up in my house...unpacking was a really good day!!

    Hugs, Jan


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