Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moving out of our Traditional Home of only 4 years-Part 1

Moving out of our beautiful home was bitter-sweet.  I never loved this house.  I felt over-whelmed by this house.  It was 4,000 square feet that should have been decorated.

I wanted a one-story when we built our red brick house 4 years ago.  However, we fell in love with the subdivision and we were told that we couldn't build a one-story on a large lot.  We actually wanted a 1 1/2 story with the game room and media room upstairs.

Besides the small lots, all of the one-stories offered by the builders of the subdivision were wrong.  One builder's 1 1/2 story had a garage in front of the house where the driveway headed toward the front door.  Another builder's 1 1/2 story had the staircase completely closed in.  All of the rooms seemed cut off and the useless formal dining room and living rooms were present in all of them.

We would have to spend a lot of money to have walls moved and turned into a more open floor plan.  We just could not afford it.

Larry may think I don't remember why we didn't build one of the 1 1/2 story homes, however I do.  There were too many things I didn't like.

So, we found a builder who offered a very large home on a very large lot across from the lake and waterfall for a good price.  We were able to have a few upgrades, however not all of the ones I wanted.  If you look at pictures above, you will see a small front porch.  That was an upgrade, but we could do it!!

There are many things I miss about our traditional house.  I hope, one day, Larry will read this post and know that.

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