Monday, November 7, 2011

Dining Room Progress

There is one piece of furniture that I have a love/hate relationship with.

It is a Philippe Langdon St. James Entertainment/Bookcase piece.
It is massive as you can tell by the dimensions.  When we moved into our traditional house, I was told I had to decorate in a more traditional up-scale way.  Gone were the days of my cottage furniture and decorations I loved so much in my Cottage #1.  I had to change ME.

So, Larry went to a ball game and I went to an auction one Sunday after moving into the Traditional House.  I fell in love with this piece of furniture.  I decided I would get it for a song and antique it in white.

It was the end of the auction and I had already told the manager of the furniture store going out of business that I wanted to bid on this piece.  Finally, this piece came up.

It retailed for $13,000.  I didn't care.  They wanted the stuff gone and I was willing to help.  Unfortunately, they started the bid at $8,000.  NO WAY!!!  Then went down to $6,000.  DUH!!!  NOPE!!!

"OK, young lady, you start the bidding since you wanted it."

A. I am not young
B.  OK, I am game.

"$500," I said.  Everyone looked at me like I was nuts.  Well, I had already spent money on other things, I was going to be over my limit that I promised myself.

No one else was bidding on the piece, so I eventually got it for $3,500.  It wasn't a steal, by any means. however it wasn't $13,000, either.

So, I am now stuck with a huge piece of furniture that Larry and I love, however there is not way I will paint that piece white.....well......I don't think I ever will (wink.)

When Larry and I decided to build our new cottage, we knew this piece would go in the dining room.

It fit perfectly.  If you have been reading my other posts, you will know that during the hardwood floor installation, I was sleeping on this borrowed sofa.  My sofa will not be in until December.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a trip to the local Antique Mall in Spring, Texas.  I do these kind of things when Larry goes to the Texans' games.  I do love his season tickets.  It is my guarantee each time the Texans play in town that I can go shopping.

I wasn't in the mall 5 minutes when I saw the most beautiful dining set.

So, I took pictures to show Larry.  Then, I thought....he doesn't care what I put in the dining I bought the set and it was delivered the following week.

It had just the right elegance to accompany the bookcase.  And the turquoise velvet NOT get me started on turquoise.  I love the color....You will see.

You might have noticed the grandfather clock.

It belonged to my mom and dad.  I remember when they bought it in the 70's.  Daddy loved those chimes....the rest of us hated midnight....12 long bongs.  And there was no way Daddy would turn the chimes off.

Daddy died of a sudden heart attack in 1993.  He was only 67 years old.  He loved his fried eggs, bacon and half a jar of jam.  He looked healthy and was as fit on the outside as a man 30 years his junior.  He still did his 100 push-ups every night.  But he wasn't fit as a fiddle....not on the inside.

Mom downsized several years ago and told me that I could have her beloved clock.  I am so proud of it.

Several weeks ago, I had purchased 2 chairs from Cost Plus World Market that were so pretty.  I wasn't sure where they would go, but I had to have them.

Immediately, I knew....

I call the dining room "Ladies' Tea Room."  Many more things are needed in this room...which I will update you on.

So, that is my dining room so far.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.



  1. What a stunning piece of furniture, while I could see it painted and glazed, either white or a putty/gray color (not that I am giving you any ideas, mind you)! I have to say the rich wood is magnificent too..thats a good thing about a beautiful piece of furniture, it looks good no matter what you do to it! Good luck:)

  2. Thank you so much, Tina. I can hardly wait for you to see it in my dining room. I hope to complete my post tonight. I hope you will check back.

    Hugs, Jan

  3. Wow! The room is coming together beautifully. Great finds! I have never been to an auction- I should try and go! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I truly appreciate it. :)


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