Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kenny the Cat and a Glimpse at House #2

I was looking at some pictures today and ran across Kenny the Cat.  He was hilarious!  You, also, will be getting a glimpse of the kitchen of House #2.
I have just completed a shelf in my kitchen and wanted a picture....I look down and...

Kenny has followed me into the kitchen with his toy.  Don't worry, he isn't stuck in the wine rack...That's one of his favorite places.

Kenny tires of the wine rack and decides to see what Mommy is doing.

With one leap, Supercat Kenny jumps from the table to the bar...2 no-no's, however such a cute picture.

From the bar to the countertops...well, they melt into each other, actually.

Ok, I should have stopped Kenny at this point, but by now, I am cracking up.  Kenny is so nosy!!

I am shameless, I know...showing you a sink of dirty dishes I was about to get to...really, I was...Anyway, Kenny is having a grand time, but I think it is time to get down.  I need to start washing dishes :(

Nap time.  Kenny is so tiny on the bed.  What a cutie pie.

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