Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A loveseat for my hobby room

While my new house is being built, I am scouting for furniture, paint, decorating ideas, etc.

For my hobby room, I want a slip covered, white, cottage loveseat.

For now, decorating must be on a strict budget.  So, I have my wish list in order of "Dream On," "Possibly," and "Most Likely."

Ballard Designs is one of my favorite shops.  So, I took a look at their cottage look loveseat. 

Ballard Designs Vintage Vogue Loveseat

The frame is $779 and the slipcover is $220 plus shipping.  The one review posts that the seats are too low and the slipcover shrunk after being washed.  This is in my "Possibly" category, anyway.  I love the room, though.

Next, is Pottery Barn...another of my favorite stores.  

Pottery Barn Comfort Slipcovered Loveseat

This beauty sells from $949 to $1,999.  There are so many choices from Boxed or Knife-edged cushions, polyester or down blend wrap, type of fabric and, of course, color.  It's not as "fluffy" looking to me as the Ballard Designs loveseat.  The reviews are outstanding...at least for the sofa version and there are 2 pages of reviews.

Next, is the Ikea Ektorp LoveSeat.


There are many positive and negative reviews on this furniture line.  The price is $379 and it comes with the slipcover. 

It certainly is tempting since rarely will anyone be using it besides me and my puppy, AnnaBelle.  Yes, AnnaBelle sheds, however I will be keeping her out of that room if I am not in there.  Also, I plan to put a beautiful quilt over the loveseat when it IS being used.

Those are the loveseats I have researched.  Of course, there is always purchasing a used loveseat and getting a slipcover from Target for $99.  I will definitely think about that course of action.

We will talk again, later.....

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