Sunday, July 3, 2011

Craft Room Ideas

I am so excited about decorating my new cottage.  

However, the room I am most excited about it my craft room.

I have a LOT of hobbies.  I want an organized space for each of them.

I am always researching craft rooms and hobby rooms.

HGTV has a great slide show on a few along with designer advice by Caren Baginski.

I am so intrigued by these beautiful craft rooms, that I went back to HGTV for more pictures and information about each room.  I will include a link as soon as I do the post.

 Allow 3-6 months to design and organize your craft room, even though you want to start crafting right away. Determine the room's layout by considering how you work and the supplies you need to store. Also factor in the time it takes to install cabinets or put together furniture.
Color coordinate your way to organization. Whether you organize all your books by color, or choose stylish bins that match your color scheme, be sure to surround yourself with color that inspires.
A craft room doesn't have to look like your creations blew up everywhere. Keep it clean with closed storage that allows you to be organized without the pressure of looking pretty.
Designating zones in your craft room is a great way to get things done efficiently. This clever ironing board solution means the iron never has to be packed up and put away.
Customize the space to fit your needs. If your craft room is small, take advantage of corners and height with L-shaped desks and built-ins.

Give yourself easy access to supplies. Open storage puts ribbons, scissors and paints within reach and right where you want them. You might never run out of glue, but you will have to dust more often.
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My Love Affair with the Label Maker

wookiemouse Scrapbook Room/Craft Studio

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful home you have and what a talented lady you are. I am so excited to follow your decorating journey. How simply wonderful. Thank you also for all your kind comments! Happy 4th!

  2. I am having a lot of fun...Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  3. Love all the spaces your featured!!
    Just gorgeous!

  4. Thank you, Kristin so much. I will be visiting your blog later.


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